3. - 4. May 2024
BIOSTAR® 4-Aligner
A Produkt of: SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH
The BIOSTAR® 4-Aligner is a state-of-the-art multiple thermoforming unit. With its innovative technology, up to 4 aligners can be thermoformed simultaneously, enabling an impressive production capacity of up to 120 aligners per hour. Each aligner is moulded in its own pressure chamber at 4 bar. The BIOSTAR® 4-Aligner offers the flexibility to choose from different SCHEU-DENTAL foil formats. These include round foils with a diameter of 120-125 mm as well as rectangular strips (499 x 114 mm), which are exclusively available from SCHEU-DENTAL and enable quadruple application. Thanks to the unique thermally controlled infrared heater, the device reaches the optimum working temperature within a few seconds. All relevant parameters such as heating and cooling times can be accessed using the scanner or by entering the code. The colour display guides the user smooth through the individual steps of the thermoforming process.

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