3. - 4. May 2024
Asiga Ultra
A Produkt of: SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH
The Asiga Ultra revolutionises 3D printing technology with its advanced 4K DLP imaging technology, enlarged build plate and at the same time a more precise pixel size of only 50 µm, which enables high detail accuracy and surface quality. Equipped with the latest generation of DLP projectors in the 385nm wavelength range, it adapts seamlessly to a wide range of applications and supports comprehensive material compatibility. Probably the most intuitive user interface, complemented by functions such as touchless bonnet actuation, innovative infrared heating and fast material changeover, make it ideal for any application. In addition to advanced automation & monitoring capabilities, Asiga's latest device also offers a workflow without any calibration. With its compact size of 340 x 440 x 555 mm and a weight of 30.5 kg, the Asiga Ultra combines space efficiency with the performance of an industrial device.

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