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NexxZr T Multi
A Produkt of: Sagemax

NexxZr T Multi is a dental multilayer zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP cervical, 5Y-TZP incisal) of the latest generation. The combination of the very high flexural strength (1170 MPa cervical, 630 MPa incisal) and the smooth gradient of color and translucency makes the difference. This combination offers optimal conditions for the fabrication of monolithic or anatomically reduced single-tooth and bridge restorations. The specially developed multi concept changes the mechanical and light-optical properties of the material in a smooth gradient from cervical to incisal. The high-quality production process provides tension-free sintering and high accuracy of fit even with long-span restorations.

Flexural strength:

630 MPa (incisal), 1170 MPa (cervical)


49% (incisal), 42% (cervical)


•       Smooth color and translucency gradient

•       High strength

•       High-quality production process

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